The Lawr of Attraction

Yeah, I said it.  The Lawr.  If you’ve ever watched or listened to The Secret, you should know exactly what I am talking about. (By the way, I love that book.  It really did change my life.)

Regarding said Lawr: a week or so ago I posted on Facebook, “I missed my calling.  I should be writing more.”  Now, my boss, as neurotic as he is, thought that I meant that I wanted a new job.  Okay, really?  Yeah – I am an idiot.  I will announce to the world that I need a new job, even though my boss is my friend.  (insert eye rolling here)

Instead, I assured him, I meant that I wanted to be writing more often.  No really.  I meant exactly what I said.

And, the magical genius that it is, the Lawr responded to me.  And here I am.  Writing a blog.  And re-writing an entire website for work.  And I am loving every minute of it.

I realize that money can’t buy happiness, but it’ll pay for the search.
So it just has to be said: I need a million dollars.  Set forth, Lawr.  Get on it.


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