The broken road

The road I have traveled has long been off course.  Not because I am not traveling the path I am supposed to, it just seems that I always take the long way.  I used to hate that.  But I don’t, anymore.  I just enjoy the journey.

Today is January 26th, and today I am thankful for serendipty. (Side note – this is three days late.  It was written on the 26th, but I forgot to publish it.  Shame on me.)  God has placed people in my life with such intention that it is hard to deny His presence in the moment.  The universe is not a vacuum, and at times (even when I feel like there is no hope), when something is removed from my life, something else filters its way in.

You’ll never know how absolutely undeniable it could be that my path has crossed some of the most extraordinary people.  These people, who mask their amazingness with every day existence, have proven my faith in mankind.  I see what I need to see – faith and love.  I hear what I need to hear – tough words and firm support.  Ultimately, I have the strength to do what I need to do.

Thank you, Lord, for giving me people who show Your love and speak Your words to me.  I am so incredibly thankful.


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