My give-a-damn’s busted

Yep.  At the ripe age of 32 and 3/4 I have decided that I just don’t give a shit, anymore.  I am over it.

Drama…. specifically the bullshit drama that likes to pop up on Facebook that people allude to but don’t actually explain: Vaguebooking.  There is a reason that my Facebook profile is all peaches and cream – because no one gives a crap about the every day nonsense that goes on in a day.  Truthfully, the sun will rise tomorrow, and chances are you’ll be over it.

For people like me, who worry, I see that someone is distressed and I immediately want to offer assistance.  So, I see Joe Schmo say that he’s “tired of dealing with this!” and I say, “Oh my!  Is there anything I can help with?”  He says, “Nah – don’t worry about it.”

Here’s the thing, Mr. Schmo: get over your fucking all-about-me/I-just-want-the-attention complex and either A) tell people how they can be helpful or B) don’t spew your drama all over the place and not explain yourself.

Which leads me to my next point: when things are building and you start feeling overwhelmed, try talking about it before you get to your breaking point instead of just unloading on someone.  It is the thing I hate the most. People get frustrated and they say nothing, only to get all bent about something stupid and snap.  The poor person who is on the wrong end of that deal gets ripped a new one, all because you are too immature to deal with your emotions one at a time instead of going from zero to freak out in less than 5 seconds.

It’s ridiculous.

So, today, the song running through my head is JoDee Messina’s “My Give A Damn’s Busted”.  Yep – it’s country.  But I love it.  You can see it here, on the YouTube. 😉

Until next time, keep on rockin’ in the free world, my dear readers.


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