1: ragged or disreputable in appearance
: being in a decayed state or condition

Interesting, the power of words.  How easily they can deceive.  For instance: without knowing me, you have no idea about the inflection of my voice; or the way I use tonality to deliver my message.  If you do know me, there is a chance that you can actually “hear” my voice in your head as you read this. And what a difference

I love this word.  Because it isn’t what it seems.  It sounds so pretty.  And it is – but it doesn’t mean something pretty.

And such is the way with many things.  Think about how many things we make a snap judgment about every single day.  People, places, things…. Do we want to eat at that place?  Do we want to touch that item? Do we want to talk with that person?  All things based on judgement.  Now, I will readily admit that I judge things and people all the time.  You kind of have to.  Otherwise you may place yourself into situations that you’d regret.

The trick that I, as well as others, should learn, is to step back and look objectively every now and then at everything.  Take a day, every once and a while, and look at life differently.  Ask yourself if there is really harm in that choice… or is fear limiting you?

My soul is somewhat tatterdemalion right now. Ragged and worn.  But the glory is that I am trying to look at things objectively today.  What is the harm in being ragged?  The sun will rise tomorrow.  And I will have another shot at a beautiful day.

This month should be fun.  I can’t wait to see what fun words position themselves in front of me, and you.


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