: the act of being set free from an obligation or the consequences of guilt

It’s funny how we disclaim things, as if they will absolve us from pain or guilt, simply because we’ve said it.  Or that the act of something forgives another deed; we justify ourselves in an effort to convince our own psyche that we are without blame.

The truth is that we aren’t fooling anyone, except ourselves… and sometimes not even then.

The worst part of that type of thinking is the pain that it causes.  Universal pain.  The truth is that the ripples of that type of thinking reach far beyond yourself.  It affects your job, and your co-workers.  It affects your clients.  It affects your friends; it ricochets wildly in their lives, as well.  It affects your children – and let me be clear about something: the imprint on your children will affect their children. And their spouses.

It filters into every single aspect of your life; it seeps into your thought patterns; it makes you crazy from the inside out. And no one is fooled.

The only absolution comes from the freeing of the energy to hold it and own the pain.  But the second you choose to release that, you free yourself from it’s restraints.  You allow it out of your heart, away from your spirit, and you can begin to focus on the things that matter.  Love.
Did I say things that matter?  I lied.
You can focus on the only thing that matters: love.

What pain are you holding tightly to?  How have you justified it and allowed it to control your life? How will you choose to release it today?

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