: incapable of being satisfied

It is never ending for me.  Whatever “it” is, the need for it is never ending.

Knowledge: I crave it.  New things, new places, new actions, new limits – I crave the knowledge of them.  I love learning about new things.  It might be a new process.  It might be a new item – a new gadget to mess with (disclaimer: as I get older I find that technology scares me a little).  New places excite me.  Going to someplace new for lunch – for dinner.  Visiting somewhere new.  Taking in the landscape. I love it.  I love pushing myself to new limits.  What can I handle?  What can I do? At what point do I say “stop?” (Hint… I don’t often get to that point.)

People:  I enjoy meeting and learning about people.  Even people I have known for years; I love to learn more.  There is always some new facet of their character that I can understand better.  I can learn likes and dislikes.  And beyond learning is sharing.  I am a people person; I need people.  I like being in public places; I like the crowded ambiance of restaurants; I like being close to people.
That need is even stronger when it is people I love.  I enjoy my family and my friends.  I like spending time with them, sharing and laughing.  It is the thing that makes me tick.

And then – there is the need for connection.  My desire to feel acknowledged or appreciated or loved is, by far, the double-edged sword of this.  It sometimes makes me appear to be desperate, or overly needy.  I feel like, sometimes, I am too intense.  And I wonder what people think of me when I am like that.  I almost can’t help myself, though.  Especially when that person makes me feel so good.  And no… I’m not talking about sex.  Sometimes just being with someone can remove all the doubt and discomfort of everyday living for just a little while.  Laughing and talking… I can’t tell you what type of endorphins that releases, but it certainly does.  I crave connection and then, like a junkie looking for another fix, when I am without it, I sort of crash.  I am a people junkie – what can I say?  I am addicted to connection.

This is the word that defines me.  Insatiable, in every way.


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