If Tatterdemalion doesn’t mean, at all, what it sounds like- then sublime just might be the opposite of that.

Sublime sounds, to me, just as it means.  Smooth, velvety and unparalleled. Sublime….. ooooohhh yeah.  Like dark chocolate mousse.

I’m a Taurus and it has to be said that I am a Taurus through and through.  A creature of comfort and earthly pleasures. I like food. I like fabrics that are soft and comfortable. The sensation of touch against my skin by a person, or a thing…. sublime. I like all the senses, but touch is by far my favorite – the breeze on my face, the prickle of heat on my skin, goosebumps, caress, pressure, water flowing past my body…. all of it; sublime.

Outside of that is my innate sense of imagination.  What ever lacks in this world I can fairly easily create in my mind. Almost real to me, my dreams are so vivid and true-to-life. I can wake up tired after running in a dream.  I can wake up with a sore back after a tense dream.  And those are just the normal things.  If I have a dream that is even semi-erotic… well, let’s just say that I can tell that, too.

I love living.  And the sublime pleasures of earth are just one of those things that make it worth being here.


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