Okay.  So I am going to break away from my vague descriptions of my forlorn life to discuss a matter that I find particularly irritating.  People that choose to be deliberately naive.  Specifically – women.  Yep.  Listen, ladies.  I am talking to you.

But first, let me tell you the background to this particular post.  So, there I am at work, working on some stuff for my business on Facebook when I see something pop up.  A facebook-friend says, “Oh my gosh!  I decided not to watch the news because it’s so depressing and I just found out about the earthquake in Japan!  Those poor people.”

Yes.  Indeed.  Those poor people.  TWO WEEKS AGO!

Okay… at the moment I am having to settle myself.  Breathing… breathing.

Let me dissect exactly what is wrong with this scenario:

  • Why on earth would you choose to share that you deliberately keep yourself uninformed?
  • What good are you to those “poor people” if you only talk about it (two weeks later) and choose to do nothing in the way of help?
  • Yes, the news is depressing.  I admire those people who can *not* watch the news, and still stay an informed member of our planet.
  • Unfortunately, this woman is not one of those people.
  • I don’t ever hear guys saying, “The news is too depressing so I don’t watch it.”  Suck it up.
  • Why is she on Facebook, then?  She’s telling me that actual facts about things that are actually happening on our planet in real life are more depressing than, say, your sister’s-friend-from-high-school who just ran over a dog?  Give me a break.  Generally speaking, Facebook is way more depressing than real life.  Just sayin’.
  • By choosing to stay uninformed, you take yourself out of the loop.  Which means that when bad shit happens and you’re the last to know, you can only blame yourself for being so stupidly naive.

Here’s an even further breakdown of my issue (and I know… it’s harsh, but here….we…..go!):

Is the news depressing?  Sure. As a matter of fact, I am of the opinion that the news is designed to control the weak-minded and pressure them into a state of fear.  But, nonetheless, I think it is silly to choose to remove yourself from current events in an effort to stay “happy.”  Happiness is a choice. And no one or no thing can “force” you into unhappiness.  We all feel down, and sad and lonely or depressed.  But if you are that afflicted, get help.  Your issues move far beyond watching the news.
Woman have to work harder and fight more to stay equal in the eyes of society. We do – it’s a fact.  And since I actually do stay abreast of current events, I have read studies and articles to that effect. I don’t think that women are better than men.  We each have a place.  But I do know that we have to work harder than men for the same respect and allowances: in the work place, in society, in the home… everywhere.

It’s women like this who give ME a bad name.  Hell yeah.  I take that shit personally.  (And right now you’re thinking – I should get help.  Duly noted.  I’m already on it.)  I can just imagine this girl, at a party or around the watercooler, and some thing is brought up about current events and she says, “Oh.  I don’t watch the news.”  Hmmmm…..  Can you imagine the head-tilted looks she got as everyone near her silently dismissed her from any conversation of intelligence?

I know some people, some of my best friends, who don’t watch the news.  But it isn’t much to look at the headlines on Yahoo to see what the heck is going on in this wide world. And they do.  Then, there are people like me, who find that Egypt is in upheaval, and do research to find out what the hell is going on.  AND THEN (because this only gets better), I stumble onto this young lady who explains it perfectly.

So… yeah.  Keep that in mind, Facebook lady who I have since unfriended on principle.  And before you fold your arms and sit back in judgement – yes.  I sent her a slightly less scathing message telling her that I think it is her duty as a citizen of planet earth to be informed.

Read the news.  It is more than the latest rant of Charlie Sheen.  It is more than death and destruction.  There are things to know and learn.  For example, having just watched Invictus, I looked into the imprisonment and presidency of Nelson Mandela.  What a story!  It isn’t all bad.  And now, I can have an informed and opinionated conversation about the movie and the man.

God blessed me with a brain, and dammit – I plan on using it every day.  As a woman. As an American.  As a productive member of society. As a citizen of this planet.  It’s not just my right – it’s my obligation.  And it’s yours too.


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