As I come to the end of March Vocabulary Madness, I realize that I don’t need a month of flowery words to experience the joy of them every single day.

My bliss comes from being able to use my mind, and my words, to create extraordinary images for people.  I love the fact that the people who know me can hear me speak to them through text and emails – even through this blog, if they were to read it.

I love being able to offer some solace in tough times.  I love being able to create flowing imagery, unparalleled visions through the use of words.  I love my analogies.  Like, taking jumbled up french fries and putting them in a pan…. spreading them out and placing them strategically – that is how you cook them evenly.  And, truthfully, it is how you help people understand things.  You have to spread out the message and slow it down for them.  Not because they are stupid.  But simply because the human brain can only process so much at once.

Moreover, I love being able to spell out my concerns in a way that is both pointed and thorough.  That eliminates the need to be emotionally involved or compromised.  Emotions can be helpful but, oftentimes, I find that it just clouds the conversation and makes overreacting too easy.

My words are my shield.  They are my gift.  They are my sword.  And I am fluent, and fluid, in my use of them.

Next month, I am back to music.  Truthfully – I just liked that more.  I can always find ways to increase my vocab.  And I will.  ‘Cause that’s how I roll.  But, I gotta tell you, I am happy to start the 30 days of music again.  Can’t hardly wait!


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