‘Til summer comes around

30 days of music: Day 4 – Name a song that makes you sad

I am very influenced by music.  Sometimes more than I would like to be.  But it is the “silent” influencer.  We guard so carefully our feelings when we watch TV, or talk with people.  When we experience sights, smells and things.  But we sometimes forget how music gets in.  And maybe that isn’t everyone.  Maybe that’s just me.

So, this song: ‘Til Summer Comes Around by Keith Urban.  Well, the melody is such that it just sounds sad.  It sounds, to me, like a weeping willow looks – forlorn and lonely.  How it is played in a minor key; how sadness drips from its words.

The story?  This guy and girl meet and love and laugh for a whole summer.  They connect, they are in love.  And then she leaves.  And he spends his time and his life, ultimately, waiting for her return.

“But I close my eyes and one more time, we’re stuck on the ferris wheel rockin’ with the motion. Hand in hand, we cried and laughed, knowing that love belonged to us, girl, if only for a moment.  ‘Baby, I’ll be back again’, you whispered in my ear and now the winter wind is the only sound ’til summer comes around.”

This story of love lost, of love not returned… of love, it gets me. And oh boy – when I am already sad, that song sends me to tears in no time at all.  I weep, for him.  And nearing the end of the song, when it’s just instrumental, he sadly cries out, “I miss you baby.”  Ahhh… and how my heart aches then.  And I weep some more.  I cry for the times that I have felt just like that.  I cry for my own heartache – for the times  that I have waited for summer to come around.  I cry because, at times, I feel like I’m still waiting.

But, that isn’t the only song that makes me sad.  So here are others, in no particular order:
Painters by Jewel
Sleepwalker by Santo and Johnny
One Sweet Day by Mariah Carey

I am sure I could populate this list even more, but I intentionally remove a lot of songs that make me sad.  Especially because I am so influenced.

But, every now and then… I allow myself to feel the pain. At least ’til summer comes around.


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