Computer Blue

30 Days of Music – Day 9: Name a song you can dance to

Have I mentioned that I love dancing?  I do.  Love.  Love-love.  And I can dance to just about anything.  The song I chose for this post is Computer Blue by Prince. This song is sexy.  And I can’t help dancing a little bit to it, even as I sit here and type it.  Damn… I can almost imagine a strip tease to this song.  I just love this song. Thankfully, it isn’t a big hit in the clubs, so no one has to worry about me taking my clothes off.

The only other song I can think of that I can really work is “Hips Don’t Lie” by Shakira.  I can make that song my bitch.  There was once that we went to a club and that song came on.  I was out there, dancing, shaking my ass – really enjoying myself.  I was dancing alone.  I think a couple of my friends were out there, but I wasn’t dancing “with” them – just near them.  At any rate, the song is done and I am leaving the dance floor.  Some gentleman touches my arms and leans in to say, “I couldn’t stop watching you dance!”  So either, A) I look like Elaine when I dance, or B) I’m hot when I dance to that song.  I’m going with B.  It helps me sleep better at night.

Outside of that – I can dance to anything… almost.  I can’t dance to metal.  Does that even qualify as dancing?  Ooooohhh, but I can run to it.  And THAT is its own version of dance, if you believe in such things.

Music moves me.  It moves me in my heart, and when I’m sitting, it moves me in my seat.  I love to dance and can forget the world while I am out on the dance floor.  And I’d be lying if I said that it wasn’t nice to get a few admiring glances every now and then.  Yeah – I see them.  But it isn’t the reason I am out there.  I just love expressing myself to the beat, to the rhythm of music.


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