Texas Flood

30 days of music – Day 14: Name a song no one would expect you to love

I have no idea what someone would expect me to love.  I always get the “cat-on-the-face” looks when I tell people I hate Floyd, or the Stones, or the Beatles.  Truthfully, I don’t even really care for Elvis.  I mean, he was okay, but… meh.

Hmmmm…. Johnny Cash.  I think his soulful voice carries his messages far beyond the words.  And sometimes you need that.  There is a very specific Cash song I will reference in another post.  But I do love him.

I also really dig Stevie Ray Vaughn.  So, in the interest of not repeating and putting a bunch of the same stuff, I choose “Texas Flood”.  One of my great friends got me into SRV when we worked together.  GREAT talent.  Lost too soon, as most are (insert Kurt Cobain, Ritchie Valens, Janis Joplin, and so on and so forth).

I also like Tin Pan Alley.  Actually… there are several songs I like.  But, Texas Flood is always my kind of chill-out music.  Definitely a favorite.

Other songs people wouldn’t expect me to know:

  • Anything by Eminem.  Yeah, I get it.  He swears.  He talks about violence and drugs.  He’s got a flow, though, that is unlike anyone else in rap.  Period.  I’ve got to be careful, though, with him.  He can amp me up and make me very angry if I am not in the right state of mind when I listen.  For example: Cleaning Out my Closet makes me very angry with my mother.
  • Speaking of rap: I dig gangsta rap.  Yeah… I just said gangsta. Dr. Dre. Snoop. Jay-Z.  East coast… west coast.  Makes no difference (although I do have to give it up to the west coast – I prefer them).  I just heart it all.
  • I like Christian music, too.  Michael W. Smith, back in the day.  And a friend of mine recently gave me a whole CD with contemporary Christian music.  I loved it!

**Side note, and off topic… kinda.  Well, who cares.  This is my blog, dammit. And I will do with it what I want.
Okay… I really really really really really really really hate Christmas music.  Really.  really really.  Like…. worst music, ever.  It’s bad enough that we had to listen and recite that shit in school, but then in that glorious time of the year we have to listen to it in every single store at all times.  Makes me very angry.  Very angry indeed.  And especially, Bruce Springsteen’s Santa Claus is coming to town.  Ugh.  Horrible.  Makes me want to hurt small bunnies.

But.. back to happy thoughts. 😉

  • I like old school hard rock.  Hard rock, but not metal.  I’ve never understood screaming into the mic.  But old school stuff: Metallica, Megadeath (some of it).  You know… older stuff.  Late 80’s/ early 90’s stuff.
  • Ooooohhhh!  Skynyrd.  Freebird.  Hell yeah.  Makes me think of Forrest Gump, though.  “Sometimes there just aren’t enough rocks.”  That is one of my favorite quotes, although I can probably recite the movie verbatim.

Holy Moses!  Tomorrow marks the half way point.  Gosh… I am loving this!


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