Can’t stop lovin’ you

30 days of music – Day 19: Name a song from your favorite album

I have to go with go ole’ VH, again.  Of course… would you expect anything different?

Balance – released in 1995.  But… ah yes.  There is more to this album, which is why I have always loved it.  Some of the album was recorded and/or written prior to that.  Strung out, for example, is a track that was recorded in 1983.  During a recording session when one of the strings in the piano broke, they spent time recording what happened when they tossed random things on the strings like ping-pong balls, and silverware.  As you listen, you can actually hear the strings snapping.

There are songs that I love on this album.  Aftershock, with the Metallica overtones.  Listen to it.  Seriously.  Click now, I’ll wait.  In just the opening, you can hear the Metallica influence.  Yeah… even a big ass band like Van Halen was influenced by all types of music.

Don’t Tell Me (What Love Can Do) is a tribute to the power of love.  There are references to Kurt Cobain.  And the video shows victims of violent crime: testimony to strength and overcoming adversity.

Feelin…. a favorite.  Confused and determined at the same time.  Eddie was sober during this album.  But sobriety comes with a lot of baggage.  A lot of what you hear in this song is that directionless drive.
“Grow it long… shave it off.  Life is hard; never soft.”
“If I were you, and you were me – I wonder who I’d rather be.” 

And Can’t Stop Lovin‘ You.  I just love this song.  For all of the Van Hagar in me – I love this song.
“But when you look inside your heart – oh baby, I’ll be there.”

That song is energizing and contagious.  I just listened to that one song and, now, I’ve listened to about twelve.  Running the line of Balance, and then bleeding into the F.U.C.K. album (yeah… I don’t make this shit up, folks.  The album title is For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge – hence the abbreviation.)

Ooooohhhh…. you know.  I would almost change it to Not Enough.  I heart that song, too.
“And if it don’t come easily, one thing you must believe: you can always have trust in me.  ‘Cause my heart will always be yours; honestly.”
“It’s every where.  Standing there; love has always been there.”

I’m sticking with my original song.  But know that, once again, that is the most impossible question…. ever.  Today, my favorite album is Balance – tomorrow it may be different.


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