It was a good day

30 days of music – Day 21: Name a song you listen to when you’re happy

I don’t know that I have a song in particular.  As I was driving home from work last night, I was listening to “It was a good day” by Ice Cube.  That might be the only one.  Not that I don’t listen to music when I am happy – it just isn’t something that I ONLY listen to when I am happy.

So, why Ice Cube?  Well, this song very specifically reminds me of my brothers and good times when I was growing up.  Cruising on 38th, being with my family (my brothers in particular), my bff (who I have loved and grown with for 19 fantastic years), boys, friends, choir… happy times.  And I loved them all.

Life was never “easy.”  It never has been.  It just seems that our perception of easy shifts and changes.  Believe me, the things I struggled with in high school were difficult.  The things I had to deal with as a child were awful.  As an adult, the things that were out of my control changed to things that were in my control.  But truthfully, the struggles continue as I continue to grow as a human being.  Mountains and molehills; there is no way to avoid the truth that the reason things are difficult is because, if we are being open to it, there is a lesson to learn.  We have an opportunity to grow past our own self-imposed limitations.

Every now and then, though, the lessons are easier.  Love yourself.  Love your family.  Love people.  Love life.  And this song reminds me of learning (and continuing to practice) that very same lesson.


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