Another day in paradise

30 days of music – Day 22: Name a song that you listen to when you’re sad

To avoid the diatribe of my previous “I-listen-to-music-all-the-time-for-all-reasons” posts, I will change this one just slighty.

Listening to this song makes me sad.  It’s a sad song and, yes, I have a reason.

“Another day in paradise” by Phil Collins.

I was homeless, with my mother, for a little while.  We lived for a few days behind a 7-11, but moved because the traffic was too loud and we drew too much attention.  So we stayed behind a church.  Until Sunday morning came around and the “Christians” that ran the church very politely asked us to move.

*Side note: I hate convenient Christians.  These are the people that give religion a bad name.  How fucking hypocritical can someone be?  To preach love and tolerance and acceptance just minutes after you ask a woman and her child to move from behind your church until after the service without offering any help, or witnessing to them.  Or even trying.

So this song… it makes me sad.  There is a whole country of homeless people out there, for whom we know nothing.  Many have mental illness.  Many have disabilities.  Many have lost faith.  Many have lost everything and all they have is the air in their lungs that keep them going every day.

We “give” under false pretenses to these people.  I’ve heard it all.

  • “If I have to work, so should they.”
  • “Why should I give any money to them? They’ll just drink it away.”

Yeah… hey asshole.  Who gives a shit?  You’ll go home and sink into your warm bed, with a full belly.  Even if they DO drink it away, maybe it’s all they have left.

And who are we to judge?  (I get the irony – as I sit here in judgement of “Christians” and people who are too tight to give a dollar of the money they waste to someone who has nothing.  Yep.  I am here to judge.  And be honest – you do, too.)  Giving is defined as “to make a present of.”  It isn’t defined as “to make a present of with clear expectation of result.”  That is a contract.  And I don’t think homeless people make contracts.  Just sayin’.

It is sad.  It is sad that we allow our veterans to waste away on the street.  It is sad that we allow our feeble and old to die.  It is sad that we put more value in the high-end restaurants and Starbucks in our lives than we do in the people we pass on the side of the road.

And it is sad that a woman and her child were treated as lepers that Sunday morning.

Think twice.  ‘Cause it’s another day for you and me in paradise.


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