30 days of music – Day 23: Name the song you’d like played at your wedding

I am already married.  We did the whole “get married in front of the judge” thing many years ago.  We did a “reception” at my BFF’s house, which basically consisted of little finger foods, champagne and cake.  Nothing special.

If we are being honest, of course – every girl wants the big wedding thing.  Okay, maybe not the *big* wedding thing.  But most girls want the decorations, the dress, the speeches, the dinner… and the dance.

I cry like a damn baby at weddings.  Even when I don’t know them.  If I go as a guest, or as the photographer, I tear up and weep like a child.  Every. Time.  I love weddings.  I love love.  I love that feeling at a wedding – the feeling of forever after.  If I could bottle it and spike my drink with it every day, I would.  I love seeing love.  I love feeling love.

That being said, I don’t think I’ll ever have that whole “big” wedding thing.  I won’t have the dress.  I won’t have the decorations.  I won’t have the dance.  Which is okay, I guess.  I’d settle for just the feeling, if I could ever capture it in a bottle.  I’d settle for capturing it in a moment.  That’s why the moments are so precious to me.

“Lovesong” has long been a favorite of mine.  But I recently heard it on Adele’s album, 21.  Wow.  Her take on it is so soulful and tender and sweet and amazing.  It is like hearing an angel sing.

There aren’t many lyrics to this song.  It isn’t like a lot of songs about love, which are wordy and long.  This song is simple.  And captures exactly what love feels like:
Whenever I’m alone with you, you make me feel like I am whole again.
Whenever I’m alone with you, you make me feel like I am young again.
However far away, I will always love you.
Whatever words I say, I will always love you.

And then, at the end, she quietly croons, “I’ll always love you” several times.

Because that’s how love is.  All you know is that you’ll always love him.  No matter what is said, or what is done.  No matter the regret, no matter the disappointment.  No matter how long you’ve loved him.

I’ll always love him.  Always.


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