Breakin’ Dishes

30 days of music – Day 25: Name a song that makes you laugh

Okay, this song cracks me up.  Actually, the reason this song cracks me up is the same reason a lot of songs crack me up.  Misheard lyrics.

“Breakin’ dishes” by Rihanna – every single time I hear that song, I laugh.  She says, “I’ma fight a man.”  And when you listen, it sounds like, “I’m a vitamin.”  Like… “vite-a-man” ….. hahahahahahahahaha.  Just thinking of it makes me smile.

Also, Fergie’s “Glamourous”.  At one point she says “mustang” and I could swear she was going to say mustache.  It’s silly, I know.  But these things crack me up.

My BFF (who isn’t reading, I hope), used to think “Miss you much” was “Mishy Mush.”  Ha ha ha ha ha ha.  Oh my goodness.  My cheeks hurt from smiling just as I write this… good times.

As a matter of fact, I take a certain amount of pride in finding and learning the correct lyrics.  But there is a whole website devoted to misheard lyrics.  One rainy afternoon, it brought me a ton of laughs and enjoyment.  – specifically devoted to Jimi Hendricks’ “Kiss the Sky” song.  Yeah.  Hilarious.

Go now.  I don’t mind.  It’s funny just to see what people mishear.


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