Goodnight my angel (lullaby)

30 days of music – Day 27: Name a song that you wish you could play on an instrument

See aforementioned drums and guitar wish.  I am not coordinated enough for either.  Since piano is the only thing I can manage, the song that I wish I could play in its entirety is “Goodnight my angel (Lullaby)” by Billy Joel.  That song is so beautiful… the way it flows, the way it peaks, the way it invokes emotion, the way the music resolves its own dissonance; it’s a thing of beauty.

Just hearing the melodious chords during the bridge, it makes my heart swell.

I can sit and look at the music and slowly… very slowly… manage each individual chord of that bridge.  It’s sad the way I concentrate on it… I wish it came easier.

But, I suppose, when God was handing out artistic talent, he blessed me with other things.  So I should quit whining, huh?

That song is so very special to me.  Someday, when I am old and retired, I will learn how to play it fluidly.  And then, I’ll play it for the universe to enjoy.  Or, just maybe, I’ll play it for me to enjoy.


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