Everybody wants to rule the world

30 days of music – Day 28: Name a song from your childhood

Some of these can be so difficult.  On April 1st, when I was first looking at the list of prompts, I was going to use Borderline, by Madonna.  But that song has no relevance in my life, except that it is a song from my childhood.  After a whole month of thinking about it (and so glad to be moving on from yesterday’s difficult post), I am choosing “Everybody wants to rule the world” by Tears for Fears.

Of course, if you know anything by now, you’d know that song would have relevance in my life.

In the interest of keeping things a little lighter today, versus the heaviness of yesterday (which is still weighing on my heart as I type), the funny story to that song is that it came out in the mid-80’s, but I don’t remember listening to any of it until 1987.  Why that year?  Well, I was getting ready to move with my family to Southern California.  And I remember thinking that the lyrics of the song were, “Every body wants to move away.”  Ha ha.  In my seven year old mind, I had no idea what it actually said.  I just thought the song was about me.

Other songs that mattered from back then:

  • Here I go again – Whitesnake (reminds me of a mexican guy with a heavy accent who spoke very little english – and he *loved* Whitesnake)
  • What’s love got to do with it – Tina Turner (reminds me of my mom in happier times)
  • Jump – Van Halen (this was the first album my brother owned – and he’s big into hip-hop these days.  Who knew I’d be the big VH fan, in the end?)
  • I think we’re alone now – Tiffany (my brother had a poster of this chick on his wall)
  • Let’s talk about sex – Salt N Peppa (I knew every word to this song and had *no* idea what it was really about.  Either a testament to my naivety or that under all this brown hair, I’m really a blonde)

I’m kinda bereft; tomorrow ends the 30 days of music and I have no idea what I am going to blog about next month.  Maybe I’ll let the universe guide me.   I’m not always as good at the whole “let-the-universe-guide-me” as I could be.

We’ll see.


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