Weiner jokes abound

Okay, I just can’t help myself.  I have to admit that *every* time I see a Weiner headline, I laugh to myself.  Sometimes out loud.  It could be because I am inherently naughty, and they appeal to that side of me.  Or it could be because I am truly surprised that this guy was dumb enough to get busted.

It is shocking to me that guys can be so dumb.  Famous guys, especially!  Like, really… posting a lewd picture of you on the internet?  On the freakin’ world wide web?  Are you insane?  Guess what, Rep. Weiner?  Twitter has, roughly, 75 million active users.  And you’re a State Representative!  You think no one saw your bulge?  If you were going to throw your career down the drain, you should have posted a better picture.

Back to headlines.  Here are a few that made me chuckle:

“Pressure mounts on Weiner over sex scandal.”

“Democrats shun Weiner as scandal grows.”

Weiner fans urged to stand firm.”

Weiner lets it all hang out.”

And my personal favorite:

Weiner gets grilled.

C’mon… that’s classic.  And, if you are so included, click here for Twitter’s #weinerheadlines feed.  The one I just saw that cracked me up:  “Weiner Has A Solid Staff; Says He’ll Stick It Out
Oh my goodness… clearly people are using this as a tongue-in-cheek headline creation.  Writers, such as myself, simply adore the opportunity to use such easy set-ups to write innuendo for headlines.  Is it funny that I think even the phrase “Weiner Headlines” is funny?

Before you get your boxers in a bunch, I have an opinion on his reasons for posting such pictures.  I understand the background to what was going on.  But that isn’t the reason for this post  You don’t need me to explain my opinion to you; you probably have one of your own, anyway.  This post is strictly to comment on the incredulity about the whole thing.  What on earth was he thinking?

That’s all for now, folks. I just couldn’t resist the opportunity to have my say.  Good luck getting your pickle out of this pickle, Rep. Weiner.


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