Letters of love

I told you, in another post, how much I love reading letters.  I love reading letters.  I love writing letters.  I love getting letters.  Always.  I’d rather get a letter than a card.  I’d rather get something handwritten or hand-typed than something that is canned.  There is something wonderful and moving about the truth in words.

I love giving letters to people.  It is one of my favorite things.  It’s possible that the people I have given letters to haven’t read them.  It’s also possible that they didn’t give a crap about what I said in them.  However, most of the time these days, letters are written because there is something that needs to be said.  It isn’t always easy or convenient to say it to someone in person.  Sometimes, it’s the only way you can get through.  And, for me and my soul, I have to say it, once I think it.
(**Side note: I will add a bit of bitterness here.  If you do get a letter from someone, know that they wrote it with an open heart.  I think that it’s near impossible to fill words on a screen or on a page without inserting true honest emotion there.  So, if you get a letter, read it and tell them that you read it.  It will make them happy.)

At any rate, I stumbled upon this website and it made an impact on me:  Letters of Note.  You should check it out.  Really.  It’s lovely.

That is all for today.  Carry on.


4 thoughts on “Letters of love

  1. Something hand-written tells you that person put time into it. They actually gathered a pen and a sheet of paper and pulled up a chair and wrote. The original process for me was write the letter then type it up and publish it (referring to FY).

    • I would agree. I do my best writing when it is pencil (it has to be a pencil, though), and paper. Something about that mind-to-hand-to-paper connection that makes words flow and my heart open. I am far more calculated when I type. But when I am actually writing, my mind shuts off and my heart takes over. That’s why I write poetry by hand, still. Thanks for reading!

  2. I hate the sound effect of pencils when they touch paper so I’m a pen guy. Yeah I feel that way too. You have a better connection with your words with paper and pen. Typing can get in the way meaning your fast thoughts and slow typing skills can interfere with each other. Thanks for subscribing. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to set it from the DEFAULT Never to daily,instantly or weekly.

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