It’s probably nothing… it’s not cancer

I have a friend who reminds me, on most months, to check for breast cancer.  Almost every month, on the 9th of the month, I get this reminder.  And on these months, I pass on the reminder to my friends.  And my daughter.  She’s 16.

Breast Cancer Awareness

It's probably nothing for her, but you should check your boobies anyway.

This morning, on the 9th of the month, she comes to me and says “Mom, I felt a lump.”  Now, the first thought was just a total blow-off.  She’s only 16, for God’s sake!  16-year-old girls don’t get lumps.  This is what I said to reason with myself.  She happened to tell me while I am scrambling to get my morning routine out of the way.  I said, “Let me get your daddy out the door to work and I will check it out.”  Honest to God, I wasn’t expecting anything.  Besides, you don’t find cancer in your 16-year-old daughter’s breast before 7am.  It’s just a rule.

So, about 25 minutes later I sat down and she showed me where she felt it.  I put my fingertips on the spot and had to hold back my reaction.  Holy shit!  There’s a lump.
** Side note: I remember, about a zillion years ago, I got a hand-out in a doctor’s office that had little “boobies” with implanted lump-types in them, so people could feel what different types of lumps felt like. Most often, a woman will feel a mass that is sort of squishy-like and bulbus, almost.  Those are generally nothing to worry about.  But then, there are those little “pebble-types” under the skin.  Those… those are something to worry about a little more.
This was that type of lump.  It was a small little pebble.  Very contrasting with the tissue around it. Like someone had put a small rock in a sea of marshmallow.

I put on my brave mom-face and said, “Let’s keep an eye on it for the next week.  It’s probably nothing.”  And that is the truth – it’s probably nothing.  But, instinctively, I left the house for work and called the doctor.  She has an appointment tomorrow.

It’s probably nothing.  I know that. I hope that.

Today, though, I am thankful for my friend who sends out those monthly reminders.  Even if I don’t get them *every* month, I got them enough to make a habit.  I am thankful for doctor’s offices who can get my daughter in right away.  I am thankful for my daughter, who brought it to my attention right away.  I am thankful for WebMD, which is informative enough to scare the living shit out of me.  I am thankful for that little voice in my head that is assuring me that it’s nothing.

Tomorrow, I will be thankful for peace-of-mind.

I’ll keep you updated.  In the meantime, it’s the 9th of the month.  Check your boobies, please.


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