That’s never a good sound

So I took my daughter in for the breast exam/annual physical.

Did you know that girls don’t have to get pap smears done until they are 21 now?  Whether they are sexually active or not?  Hooray for that!

But, back to the saga:

In case you need background, my 16-year-old daughter found a lump in her breast.  Yay that she is 16 and already doing breast exams.  Boo that she found something.

But, as any good parent would, I took her in to see the doctor.  She needed her annual physical done, anyway.  So in we go.  We do the general “how’s-everything-going” exam.  She says that she is doing great for her age (newsflash – my daughter is now officially taller than me by a 1/2 inch, and is doing everything in her power to rub it in).  We get to the big concern: the lump.

The doctor says, “Let me see if I can find it first.”  She then does her exam.  I am almost holding my breath.  “Hmmm,” she says, “I don’t feel it.”  I literally exhale 16 years worth of concern.  She asks my daughter to show her where the lump is.  And then….

Doctor: Oh… Oh!

Me: I don’t like the sound of that “oh!”

Doctor: I wasn’t expecting that.  Wow…. Um, okay…. (she is still feeling it and around it, and looks rather puzzled)

Me: ……. (I am back to holding my breath)

Doctor: It’s a lot deeper than I expected, so I wasn’t looking there at all.

Me: I don’t know what that means.

Doctor: (finally finishing and turning around to look at me) Okay, so it’s probably not cancer. (I breathe out, again.)  It is likely something called Fibroadenoma.  Which is basically a lump that feels like cancer but is benign. But (I am back to holding my breath), it’ll need to be removed.  It’s called a lumpectomy, and because of the size and the location, it’ll need to come out.

At this point, she instructs my daughter to get dressed and go pee in a cup.  While she is gone the doctor comes back in to tell me what is happening and gives me the sobering conversation that, yes, it is probably not cancer.  But, it could be and I need to be aware of it.  Because of the size, shape and depth of the lump, we have a reason to be concerned.  But we have things to do before we freak out.

First we do an ultrasound to determine further what it is.  If it is still concerning, it may be a mammogram next.  Or, they may just remove it and be done with the whole thing, and biopsy it when it is taken out (this was not something I understood; the hubs had to explain that part).  Either way, she will be anxious and we don’t want her to be concerned until there is something to be concerned about.  And right now, the wise doctor prescribes me that worry, and not my daughter.  Which I am fine with.

So, in the meantime, I will worry.  It’s probably nothing.  But even if it is nothing, my sweet teenager has to think about a lump being removed from her breast.  That sucks.  …………..But it doesn’t suck as much as cancer.  And that is something that, today, I am thankful for.

If you pray, say a prayer for my baby.  She needs it.  I’ll survive, but she needs all the extra help she can get.

As usual, you’ll get the update.


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