This should be a good thing, right?

Many moons ago, when the BFF and I were doing Weight Watchers, we weighed in on Saturdays.  It was an early morning meeting (7am!), and it got our weigh-in out of the way so we could focus on our weekend.  Which was great, unless it wasn’t.  Many Saturdays were good days.  I went in, I weighed, I lost weight, I went home and went out my merry-little-life.  Some days were not that merry, though.  Some days I wouldn’t lose weight, and that was the worst possible thing.  Ever.  Ever in the history of ever.  (So, ever then? …….ever.)  And I was a BITCH!  Trust me, on my very worst day, you’ve seen nothing like the awful person I was when I didn’t lose weight on any given Saturday. (One time, I even *yelled* at the poor lady who was weighing me.  It was ugly.  Not my proudest moment.)

I shared with the BFF my woes.  She told me that she cleans when she is frustrated.  Now, if you know me, you’ll know that I am no Sally Homemaker.  Housecleaning, housewife stuff… never in my list of things I love to do.  So this was a foreign concept for me.  I’m like, “Really?  I don’t know how doing something I hate would possibly help me when I am pissed at the world.” 
But, I will try anything once.  So I did.

And I’ll be damned!  It actually worked!  And from then on, it became a habit.  When I am frustrated, stressed or otherwise upset: I clean.

But it has evolved since becoming a homeowner.  I like the idea of improving my investment.  So cleaning is fine, but I also like repairing something, too.  Or creating something.

I’ve had a rough couple of weeks.  Work has been hell    miserable    horrifying    the worst place I can imagine spending my time    …..stressful.  And my brain has been full.  My heart has been empty.  And so I decided to refinish my kitchen counters.  It basically consisted of sanding down the current counters, painting this adhesive on it, adding decorative chips, scraping and sanding again, and then painting the clear top coat on it.  They. Look. Awesome.  …… that was last weekend.

This weekend, I decide to steam clean the carpets.  Oh, and paint some shelving in my kitchen.  And I might as well add the knobs and pulleys ( that we’ve had forever) to my cabinets.  And vacuum.  And organize.  And dust.

And damn, I am SORE!  Who knew?  But it’s better than the other things I could do: 1. Be a bitch. 2. Start being “crazy” (and believe me, I am *fighting* the urge to start controlling with food in a very real way).  3. Sit around and be miserable about things.  4. Fall apart.

I’m so thankful for my BFF, who passed on this little tick that I lean on.  If things don’t start getting better, though, I may be building an ark, and sailing away.  If you hear of a lady who built an ark in her backyard – know that’s me. And know that I have gone certifiably mad.

Until then, my home value has to start going up now…. doesn’t it? …………………….. Bueller?  Bueller……


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