Cancer scare over; up next – randomness

I used to share randomness.  All the time.  Every day.  And through a series of life’s interferences, I haven’t been.  Especially with you.  Which makes me very sad.  So, in an effort to get out all of the random things I have got milling about my brain, I will share them in no apparent order.

Sit back, buckle up… who knows where this will go:

  • I grew a pumpkin patch this year.  Yes, I was expecting the Great Pumpkin to visit me.  My pumpkin patch has died.  Something called “powdery mildew” which totally wiped it out.  I got 5 pumpkins from it, so for my first year, I feel like I did okay.  But truthfully… I am a little devastated.
  • I read Twitter posts on the toilet at work.  Seriously… I feel that since I don’t have anything better to do in that 68 seconds, I might as well catch up on things that The Bloggess is saying, and the other very witty people I follow.
  • Last weekend, my family adopted a puppy and he is the light of our lives right now.
  • I still go to bed and wake up every morning thanking God it wasn’t cancer.
  • I’m pretty sure that pink highlighters make the world go ’round.
  • I am carrying on a torrid love affair with Diet Dr. Pepper.
  • The problems of the world overwhelm me and I find myself worrying about people I haven’t talked to in forever.  I say silent prayers for people on the east coast about to face Hurricane Irene.  I think about the earthquakes all over the world and wonder if this really is the end of days.
  • If it is the end of days, I worry that I will have left things unsaid.  I hate unsaid things.
  • I worry too much.
  • I carry all of my stress in one spot of my back – just to the left of my right shoulder blade.  When I am stressed,  that spot fires up and, on some days, it is so painful it’s almost debilitating.  This week has been one of those days.
  • I like old movies.  Old movies with Paul Newman.  Black and white movies with Jimmy Stewart.  It was a simpler time.
  • I’m glad I didn’t live then because, seriously, I would have been beaten.  I have “stubborn” and “outspoken” running through my veins.
  • There’s something wonderful about Bruce Hornsby.
  • If I knew then, what I know now, I would have done things differently.
  • I am so very blessed, and I have no reason to complain.
  • I still find reasons to do it because complaining prompts me to action.  I find that when I am complain, I am sensing discomfort and I need to remedy it before it gets out of control.
  • It pleases me ,to no end, to validate someone.  I love making people smile.

I may have more… but maybe I’ll keep them to myself again for a while.


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