This is all I’ve got

So, firstly and foremostly (yeah… I know I just made that word up) – I looked at my little Daily Quote Calendar and it tells me that today is August 31st. And I’m like, “Wait… what? Sonofabitch!” That means that summer is nearing the end. It means that the year has flown by. It means…. well, it means that Starbucks drops the Pumpkin Spice this week. And hooray for that! (**Side note: Pumpkin Spice lattes are like a hug in a cup and I heart them!)

I’ve got a list of blogs I am “working” on. But between you and me, I am tired. Like, I-can-barely-keep-my-eyes-open kind of tired. I am stressed to the very max of my tolerance. I am not sleeping well (nightmares and really in-depth types of thought-provoking dreams).

So, today… all I’ve got it is that for a really great reason that warms the cockles of my heart – I am grateful. Everything else is killing me slowly, but today, I am thankful.

I’ll get back to better blogging soon enough. I promise.

Happy September, folks.


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