A Solitary Life

I went through a rough patch with my faith when I was young.  I’ve been through a lot, and I couldn’t imagine that God (who supposedly loved me), would put me through the awful things I went through.

But, I came around.  My faith is mine.  So know that I share my story of faith with you out of the spirit of sharing and nothing more.  It is not my intention to change someone’s mind, or have them change mine.  My relationship with God is very personal.  And it’s mine.  And I trust His will and guidance and I know, now, that the things I’ve been through were to prepare me for my mission on earth.  I believe that I was put here to shepherd others through their darkness.  Which is why I do so well with words.  It’s why I can convey emotion with my written and verbal communication; serenity and anger and sadness and motivation and love and fear and determination…. all part of the gift I was given.  And while it does make for a sometimes very challenging life, it is really all part of what I need to experience to be able to help other people.

I trust Him, explicitly.

And although I’m very familiar with the origins of Christmas and the pagan roots, I still choose to observe the birth of Christ as a wonderful and momentous occasion.  One man….just one… changed a whole planet.  Jesus changed everything.  I’m grateful for the sacrifice.

A wonderful friend posted this, yesterday, on Facebook.  Originally seen in Spanish, by him, he’s graciously translated it for the rest of us.
(**Side note….the irony is that my daddy had this exact. same. thing. in a frame when I was young, but I never knew what it said.  So I knew it was Divinity that placed it in my path this weekend.)

A Solitary Life
He was a man born in an insignificant little town. Son of a peasant woman. He grew up in another town of no importance, worked as a carpenter until he was 30 years old. And then, for 3 years, he was a nomadic preacher. He never wrote a book, never raised a family, and He never attended a university. He never set foot in any large cities. He never traveled more than 320 kilometers away from the place of His birth. He never did any of the things that are usually associated with greatness; the only credentials he had was Himself.
When He was still a young man, the tide of public opinion turned against Him. In the hour of most danger, his friends abandoned him. One of them denied Him, another betrayed Him. He had to deal with mockery by a jury of His peers. He was nailed to a cross in between two thieves.
His executioners, while He died, gambled for the only material possession He had left in the world: His tunic. When He died, He was lowered from the cross then placed in a borrowed tomb.
Almost 20 centuries have passed, and He is still the only hope for the world, the only comfort for the sad and Savior for the sinners. All the navies that have been assembled, all the armies that have ever existed, all the governments that have been put in place, and all the kings that have ever ruled……..
All of that, combined, has not affected mankind living on Earth as powerfully as that one, solitary life.
Merry Christmas, if you celebrate.  And if not, have a truly wonderful day!

8 thoughts on “A Solitary Life

    • Thank you, Uncle! I don’t have any problem sharing my faith. As a matter of fact, I’ve found that sharing my faith doesn’t force other people to believe as I do, but certainly makes them more comfortable to share their own beliefs. And *that* is a true witness to God. Thanks for reading!

  1. Thanks, Flame.

    That’s a nice summary of His life and influence.

    Also, it’s inspiring to read a little about your relationship with God, your conviction, and your understanding of your own gift and purpose. A very nice message.

    This reminded me that I still owe you an answer to a big question. I’ll try to get that posted soon. 😉

    • Thanks, Brian! It certainly has been quite the adventure with Christ. But it’s okay. If I try to control the lessons I plan to learn, He has a way of forcing me back onto the path I need to be on. I would expect that most people question their faith. I think it’s healthy. We shouldn’t believe anything people say just because they say it. And my questioning led me to a deeper and much more personal relationship with God than I would have ever imagined.
      I hope that others who read this, or know me, can be inspired to reach for a deeper relationship with Him, as well.

      And yes! Answer to the question! I will keep on the look out for it! 😀

    • I appreciate that, Guapo. A long while ago, I read a book that basically said that we believe what we need to so we can get through our lives. Some people are hard wired to deny faith in what cannot be seen/proven/touched. Some people are, conversely, only able to believe what they are told. Doesn’t make me more right than you, or him more right than her. It just is what it is.
      Some of the most amazing people I’ve known are atheists. And some of the worst were God-fearing souls. So faith in God, in my opinion, is like anything else, is only what it is to us. What defines us is what we do on this planet.
      So I admire your appreciation for other’s belief, even when they aren’t your own. That shows the true magnificence of your character.

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